Catharine Blaine K-8

Catharine Blaine


MS PE Syllabus

Class Description

Blaine PE is a success-oriented, student-centered program that strives to give each student the opportunity to explore a wide variety of lifetime sports and alternative activities regardless of gender, age, size, and current level of ability or interest. Our students have many different talents and interests, so they can expect to work both individually and cooperatively in a positive environment while learning how to stay  physically fit. We emphasize goal-setting and promoting lifelong healthy habits. We also target our instructional practices to meet the Washington State Standards for Health/Fitness. Students in 8th grade will take the Washington State Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) addressing the components of fitness, health topics, as well as safety issues.

Class Expectations:

  • Abide by all school rules.
  • Suit up appropriately every day.
  • Participate and try your best.
  • Treat equipment properly.
  • No putdowns! Respect everyone.

Five for Life Program

“Five for Life” is the adopted K-12 P.E. curriculum in Seattle Public Schools. The “Five for Life Program” prepares students for a healthy lifestyle by giving them a solid foundation of how to maintain or improve their fitness levels in each of the five components of fitness; cardio-respitory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition. the desired learning from the curriculum is for students to understand how activity and nutritional choices affect the balance of body composition, long-term health and performance “five for Life” empowers students to make informed decisions about their fitness and health. The program was written by physical educators who valued traditional P.E. programs (emphasis on sport and recreational skills), but realized that comprehensive programs should be connected to a foundation of fitness and health

Absence Policy

Attendance and participation is a huge part of the PE grade. Students not participating due to illness or injury must have a note from a parent or guardian to make-up points for the day(s) missed It is the Student’s responsibility to pick up a pink “physical Education Activity Make-Up Sheet” for all absences, or download one from the “Fusion” class page. It is also the Student’s responsibility to    make up any written or practical skills tests missed.

Class Content – Point Grading System (varies per quarter)

Daily Grade: Ten points awarded for suiting up, being on time, cooperation, effort and safety.
Unit Grades: Includes physical skills and/or written tests on material covered each quarter.
Fitness Testing: Students complete two or three trials throughout the year and record goals and progress
Record Boards: Students work to accomplish a minimum of 15 skills/fitness goals of choice.
Homework: Outside of class assignments related to PE and Health and/or “Five for Life” Program

Achievement Grade:

93-100 A
90-92 A-
87-89 B+
84-86 B
80-83 B-
77-79 C+
73-76 C
70-72 C-
67-69 D+
60-66 D
0-59 E

“Physical Education: America’s Free Health Insurance!”