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    • Kindergarten classes typically dismiss at 3:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. They dismiss at 2:00 on Wednesday. Teachers will walk their class to the playground for parent pickup in the north end of the playground. Elaine, our attendance secretary, will walk bus riders to the bus pick-up zone in front of the Pop Mounger pool.
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    Math In Focus:
    We use the Math In Focus curriculum adopted by Seattle Public Schools. In kindergarten you can expect to see…

    • a problem solving approach based on everyday situations
    • key mathematical ideas repeated over time in slightly different ways
    • learning through age-appropriate, playful activities
    • a broad range of mathematics topics based on an optimistic view of children’s capabilities and motivation to learn;
    • and opportunities to “do math” at home

    Literacy and Reading:
    All kindergarten students receive 90 minutes of structured literacy instruction everyday!  Literacy instruction is centered on the 5 components of reading: phonemic awareness, word recognition, fluency (in letters and sounds), vocabulary, and comprehension. Kindergarteners learn and practice literacy skills during whole group instruction, literacy centers, shared writing, shared reading, and interactive read aloud. During daily Read and Rest time, students have the opportunity to enjoy self-selected books on their own or with a classmate. Additionally, classroom routines are filled with opportunities to strengthen students’ reading skills.

    We use the Handwriting without Tears curriculum to teach proper pencil grip and letter formation. We write in the air, on the whiteboard, and on lined paper.

    Collaborative Literacy:
    We are thrilled to offer the Collaborative Literacy curriculum (adopted in 2017) from the Center for the Collaborative Classroom to Kindergarteners. This amazing curriculum is taught to all students at Blaine, from kindergarten through 8th grade.

    At Blaine we use the National Science Foundation Curriculum. Students use their senses to observe attributes, perform experiments, and notice changes in behavior. After each science lesson, students record their observations in their science journals using pictures and words.

    • In the fall our kindergarten scientists will explore the physical properties of fabric with a series of hands-on experiments.
    • In the winter our unit on life sciences begins with excitement as the students observe and compare live animals.
    • Our spring unit will explore the physical properties of wood. We even get to use hammers and nails to create wood sculptures, blending both science and art together.

    Ruler (Social Skills):
    The purpose of the Ruler program is to build children’s social-emotional skills and to foster a caring classroom community. Students participate in discussion and reflect on their own emotions and how they respond to them.

    Kindergarteners attend PE classes twice a week with Ms. Pickens, Mr. Miller, and Ms. Kohler where they have fun while keeping fit with many activities.