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    Advanced Learning Information

    Catharine Blaine Specific ALO Guide

    What are ALOs?

    ALOs are grades 1-8 District-supported programs that serve the needs of academically highly gifted/gifted students AND teacher-identified students who demonstrate skills and readiness for participation in an accelerated, rigorous, and enriched curriculum. Service delivery is typically through an inclusive approach with an emphasis on differentiated instruction and flexible grouping.

    Within heterogeneous, inclusive learning groups and settings, ALOs provide an enriched, differentiated, accelerated and rigorous standards-based curriculum that presents learning at a pace, depth, and intensity that meets students' intellectual needs and motivational levels. ALO programs make available accelerated and enriched learning opportunities to students at the site who are academically ready and have the motivation for this extended curricular challenge. ALOs foster development of communication, thinking, and learning skills, as well as social skills. ALOs provide a systematic and formalized way for identifying and addressing the learning needs of students who require differentiation and enrichment of the general education curriculum.

    The program is guided by four principles:

    1. Provide a rigorous curriculum.
    2. Accelerate reading and mathematics curriculum as appropriate.
    3. Provide differentiated instruction within heterogeneous, inclusive learning groups and settings.
    4. Provide instruction by teachers familiar with the needs of advanced learners.

    Whom does the program serve?

    ALOs serve two primary student groups: (a) district-identified students who are academically highly gifted/gifted, and (b) teacher-identified students who demonstrate skills and readiness for participation in an accelerated and rigorous curriculum that is based on Spectrum curricular guidelines.

    Students participating in an ALO program are expected to (a) demonstrate mastery of grade level GLEs in all areas and (b) work toward mastery of GLEs beyond grade level in reading and mathematics (typically, one grades or more above current grade assignment in reading and mathematics following Spectrum guidelines).

    For more information, please visit the Seattle School District ALO page