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    Let’s Talk About Shoes!!

    Most children entering Kindergarten have not yet mastered tying their own shoe laces. This is fine!  It has everything to do with child development. Generally, children of this age range have not developed the hand-to-eye dexterity needed to manipulate those tricky laces. That’s OK! This is a skill naturally learned your child’s own time.

    Your Kindergarten teachers have a special request. If you have not yet purchased your child’s tennis shoes for school, we ask that you buy sturdy VELCRO STRAPPED tennis shoes. Helping our many students to tie their shoe laces several times a day takes considerable time away from valuable teaching and learning for your child.

    These shoes will also be appropriate for recess play and for gym time.
    We appreciate your consideration of this request.

    Ms. Hayes, Ms. Lily and Ms. Miller
    The Kindergarten Team